Build Technologies and Grow People. For a better life

Core values

Embracing Challenges

Advancing Partnership

Upholding Intergrity



Paving the way for the era of RPG in Vietnam 


Commencing the most modern data center in Vietnam to monitor data storage of all products across the company.


Recognized as the Digital content company that has the most successful Vietnamese-branded products and services.



Growing the highest revenue and profit in 2021 since its establishment.


3 NO

No break the law
Comply with partners’ policies and laws as well as State laws at the highest level.
No afraid of changing
Nothing last forever, we need to change, improve everyday to catch up with the ever-changing reality
No emotional decisions
When evaluating everything, it is necessary to complete 3 steps: Synthesize multidimensional information – Analyze rules – Make decisions. Not emotional decisions or sudden prejudices when there is not enough information and thorough analysis.

3 BE

Be Honest
Be honest with yourself and your colleagues in the way you work, behave at the company.
Be Respectful
Need to respect colleagues from behavior to words.
Be responsible
High sense of responsibility. Accepted the task of trying to complete with maximum results, progress and quality under all circumstances.


Always have the desire to learn new things, develop yourself, get promoted at work.
  • Actively help and explain to colleagues to understand the work best.
  • Proactively propose the optimal solution to solve the best common work.
  • Actively contact and work with parties related to their work.
  • Dare to do new things, dare to take risks.
Share goals, knowledge, skills, pressing issues with the right people, in the right circumstances.